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October Notes Today

October 2021

October 31  Chrissy Costanza and Andrew are going to be competing together on @CWHiddenTemple on the CW this Sunday (10/31).

October 21 Welcome to this page. Do you enjoy poetry, music, technology, and creative writing? The Product of Culture website comments on and creates these works. You will be interested in the sidebar features as well. May Infinity prosperity stand before you.

October 17 G’day You will notice the Perceptive Readers Telegram app on this page. You can enjoy the posts and also contact me there. Have a pleasant Sunday

October 14 Being genuine and authentic. Hey you,  Keep that personality of yours. Yes, we have similarities with others; however, all the same, YOU are still One in trillions upon trillions! In other words, you are unique.

October 12 The Musicians and Singers in Earth, Wind, and Fire placed You Want My Love as a premier on their Youtube Channel. See Official Website

October 10 The Sunday Thought normally has a reference from the Greatest Book in the World. This is in no way an insult to you bright minds and writers, but know; it is a good matter to have a reliable Touchstone your feelings on non-fiction and ethics. It is also a way to see just where your imaginative and creative mind’s unlimited potential comes from on a daily basis. Yes, it is so wonderful to possess such a Great book.

October 5 Here is the whole Sage Poetic titled Pure Intention

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