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Hey you bright eye readers, here is an article that was originally posted March 24, 2013. Now with me using subscribe star I thought I should repost this for archival purposes of the readers who are new to the Product of Culture website aka

Hello Readers,

May this letter find you and your dear ones well. 3 years; yes, for 3 years some of you have been enjoying the Pocbooks website. The viewership has grown from infancy to a degree that even Google is now ranking the website a progressive 2. What does this mean? It means hundreds of you are visiting this website every week. Whether you are arriving from search engines like Bing and Google, Twitter or Facebook, you know this website’s author enjoys engaging with the readers. The majority of these engagements are carried out through the social networks and e-mail. It all depends on the form of communication needed for the subject matter.

The statement: “You are not just a number,” is an important experience desired for you when visiting this website. This feeling hopefully will continue. With any business, growth causes reorganization in order to maintain the same high level of service you are accustomed to and deserve. Time is so precious. The Internet is a big place! The social networks are like 10 coffee shops on one street. Do you really have to visit all of them in order to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe or tea? Or do you need just one? That one coffee shop becomes known for the people who work and visit there. You have established an acquaintance with the manager and knows he is always willing to hear your joys, sorrows, and aspirations. Yes, the manager wants to. All the same, this manager can’t be everywhere, but you know you can always find him at the coffee shop.Hence, as the author and manager of this website, I invite you to subscribe by e-mail in the upper right sidebar.

Reasons to subscribe to this website1) The articles are designed to be candid and fun.2) The articles are designed to be intriguing and informative. This includes news about the Product of Culture Books, videos and events.3) The writers (guests) here each have their own creative style and background. Age ranges 14 and older.4) Subscribers receive new articles first in their e-mail inbox. Average of 4 articles a month.5) Your e-mail is kept confidential. You will not be spammed.6) The articles are designed to be helpful. Serious subjects are addressed at times with dignity and respect to all cultures and backgrounds. Such articles will shine a flashlight on core problems that affects us all. Uplifting solutions rooted in facts are discussed. Resources from Info-graphs and non-commercial website are referenced to help.7) Subscribers are given high priority response times to their requests and questions. This includes “SPECIAL” requests and GIFTS.So there you have it. 7 reasons to subscribe to the Product of Culture Website; aptly titled “Pocbooks.”Be sure to share this information with your friends. Not just the ones who live on your block, but any who would enjoy visiting and commenting on this website. It is like a Fine Wine for the adults, and a good friend for the teenagers. Additional note. “The books will make your year” after reading them from start to finish.

May you have success in what truly matters.Kindest Regards, James Lynch Jr.