5 Reasons to Give Credit Where Due

On this website, you will find an article named A Workman is Worthy of His or Her Wages. The information in there pertains to entrepreneurs, along with statements pertaining to intellectual property and software patents.
This article, 5 Reasons to give Credit Where Due, explains further about the mindset of people who desire to do good business. Moreover, they are willing and able to give credit where it is certainly due.

1. It protects the artist

You have authors, musicians, photographers, inventors, etc. All such ones have delved into the creative centers of the mind to produce something that was not there before for the benefit of the people. In this world of the Internet, you will find many people are willing to allow you to reference or use their product; including intellectual property if you provide the proper attribution. It is a clear statement that this work belongs to the author, organization, photographer, etc. This way no one, and I am calling it what it is, can steal someone’s work. The more people that know about the owner or creator of the work, it will cause thieves to at least think twice about taking it. In due time, people will become aware of the theft.

2. It shows character giving credit

People who are selfless in giving proper credit to others display a control over an emotional state humans contend with in this day and age. What is it? Reference the other article on this website that addresses envy and jealousy. When a person is or has freed themselves of such animalistic traits, they develope an attitude that is genuinely helpful. They recognize the hard work and efforts of others. They want you to receive the best if possible so that you can be your best.

3. It helps in applying wise judgments

In this world, a person will notice the unfair and harmful acts of others. One expression goes: For every 1 good act, you see 10 bad actions on the television. As humans go about their daily lives, we want to still make good judgments when it pertains to people. Imagine having 10 people interview so badly for a job that you don’t even give the 11th person waiting in line a chance. That 11th person will most likely be the one you are looking for to fulfill the need. Another expression goes like this: Don’t lump the best candidates with the bad ones. You may want to reference the article What Apple Spoils the Whole Batch? Judge each person and organization on its own merits.

4. It is honorable

People appreciate fairness, balance, and people with integrity. What a good friend such a person makes! Enough said, but there is another article of interest, called The Honor System.

5. It develops a good quality that yields fruitage

You will most likely agree that like a farmer who plants seeds of good watermelons, oranges, and apples; he yields a bountiful crop for himself and others to enjoy.
So it goes with the positive quality of giving credit to others when it is certainly due. Whether it is by the laws of the land, the owner’s right, or because you appreciate it dignifies the person/organization. It makes us all better humans when we are willing and able to recognize the work of others.
Yes, continue giving credit where it is certainly due.

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What can eventually happen if such things are not valued?

There really does come a time when a shrewd person is completely within their freedom of choice to say in an unhealthy relationship, “I have gently(dignified) told you what is best for us and me, which both are rooted in good and uplifting things. And you know this. It has been proven in fundamental ways to provide trustful relationships in business and family. Mind games and neglect does not promote trust; communication, efforts and sincerety does.”



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