4 Modus Operandi

4 Modus Operandi

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Greetings Perceptive Readers,

The Realization of Living (With No End in Sight)
As humans, we are traversing different terrains all through life.
I’m not just talking land, sea, water, and air.
We also have environments the likes of the flourishing rain forest of life. Then there
are the hidden caves of bats — are you thinking Batcave? (Pun Intended)
Do you feel it is one experience to walk on land, and quite another to feel grass, dirt,
and the mixture of sand and water on the soles of your feet; and between your toes.
All the more, we inhale all the life sustaining oxygenated air while appreciating it also
massages our face with spring and summer breezes.
Ahh, a just right environment for YOU

Are YOU on Vacation? Take care of your Mental & Physical Health:

The Hippocratic Oath: Our Devotion to the Science and “Art” of Medicine
“Love Does Not Harm His/Her Neighbor.”
Therefore, in ALL professions, “Love is not sacrificed for the sake of efficiency.”

Caring is Sharing in Social Media

*Note the above information will resonate more with entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers,
everyday consumers, and internet users for recreation. Big names and established brands
often have to use other methods of scrutinizing and sharing content. – Have a pleasant
day in your heart and mind!
Owner and Writer James Lynch Jr.


Podcasts in the Stream of Time

Do You Remember These Selections?

Featured Article & Artist

Taylor Swift Savoring Moments
Taylor Swift will receive a Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, from New York University with the graduating class of 2022. She will address students and guests at the school’s commencement ceremony on May 18 at Yankee Stadium”

Perceptive Readers, until the next letter, you have a super day and keep in your calendar these tour dates from Against The Current. A band that would make the Super Bowl unforgettable during the half-time show, no matter which team is winning! – (Chuckle)
ATG Touring Website Dates
From March 31, 2022 United Kingdom to December 19, 2022 Paris, France.

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