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Dear Perceptive Readers,
Honesty is what we want in asking for answers. We appreciate not only honest friends, but additionally, in the professional arenas of life.
The Doctors
The Lawyers
The Clergy
The Officers in the many occupations.

There is a time for joking; but not when it involves my health, family, money, and God. Yes, in a cook-out environment, it is accepted and quite frankly expected; for us to hear a whopper or two of tails at times.
For example, you may know that one friend who tells the same story every year about the big one (fish) that got away! When he first told the story, the fish was a foot long; now several years later, the big one is the size of a shark!
If that friend lives to be a hundred, you are going to ask him: “How were you going to place that whale in your showmanship room again?”

All the same, when we are not in such recreational environments, we state the following of Honesty — “And mostly what I need from you.”Billy Joel

When You Care Perceptive Readers,
In August 2019, we discussed by word and deed how sharing is caring. You may say it the other way around, I care, so I shared this with you.

When You Care Reflection

Marketing and sharing goes hand in hand. There are certainly a lot of free products, demos, and trial versions we can avail ourselves of every day.

Which has proven to be very helpful! Do you agree?

So here is something I’m wondering about from your point of view:
When a chef or baker gives the public his cakes and pies for many, many days for free, when would you be moved to say, with a huge smile, “Hey, I just love the desserts and pastries you make. How much would your best cake cost again?”

If you would like to respond to this question feel free to send your answers through the contact form. You can also elaborate on the answer if you like.

Thank you so much Perceptive Readers
My References on Recent Podcast and Articles

These are references to statements I have made during the month of August. It gives you a well-rounded view on why topics like these are valuable when the motivation is to help your neighbor out, so to speak. Either way, it helps to expand your mind. Haven’t you heard that said enough in your life? (Chuckle)

Sharing is caring, and Reminding is Caring
“These thoughts are applicable in most forms of marketing and providing authentic interest for your audience and customers. Also, the effect is they feel valued; and is there really anything wrong with that?
In the elevated form of thinking, it is a form of dignifying a person (human).”

Gil Silberman, Lawyer, founder, engineer on A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

“It derives from United Negro College Fund, which adopted it in 1972 as one of the most successful public service marketing slogans of all time. The implication is that there were many bright, capable African American youth whose potential would be lost if they couldn’t afford college. Part of the brilliance of the slogan is that there was a lot more segregation back then, with blacks and whites thinking of the other as “them”, and a lot of media portrayal of young black men as angry, troubled, and dangerous. Describing young people as “minds” rather than as charity cases, social injustice, or “at risk youth” changed the dialog, personalizing the matter and encouraging respect rather than indignation or pity.”

Caring is Sharing in Social Media
*Note the above information will resonate more with entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, everyday consumers, and internet users for recreation. Big names and established brands often have to use other methods of scrutinizing and sharing content. – Have a pleasant day in your heart and mind!

Owner and Writer James Lynch Jr.


Podcasts in the Stream of Time

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Featured Article & Artist

Perceptive Readers, until the next letter, you have a super day and keep in your calendar these tour dates from Against The Current. A band that would make the Super Bowl unforgettable during the half-time show, no matter which team is winning! – (Chuckle)
ATG Touring Website Dates
From March 31, 2022 United Kingdom to December 19, 2022 Paris, France

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