2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair

This article was originally posted on January 2, 2020

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Back on December 30, 2011, after a year of writing books and blogging, I wrote an open thank you blog article to the ones who had been following me at that time. This is how the very first paragraph started:

“Hello Everyone, Twitter & Facebook Contacts, No one likes to be taken for granted wouldn’t you agree? And with that being said, know that I thank you for your support this past year. Whether you are one of my Twitter and Facebook contacts, and additional networks contacts; your interest is appreciated.”

In it, I addressed my Twitter followers; did you know you could only tweet a 140 characters back then?
I also thanked my Facebook followers. Though you don’t hear me talk about it much, there is an official facebook.com/Pocbooks

And as I mentioned in the onset, “No one likes to be taken for granted” In addition to that thought, you do not have to accept derogatory labels from any person who says otherwise. Why? Because they may have lost insight into what respect, dignity, and honoring a person means.

Even when they are not your immediate neighbor (or best friend).

With that said, here is another statement from 2011:

“A great shout out has to go to the Twitter and Facebook users’ United Kingdom crew, and you know who you are! Your expressions give me a perspective on your friendships, family, and idioms of the land. It has been a pleasure.”

Special mentions went out to these groups as well!

The writers
The men and women of youthful power

To this group, this year, I want to thank the equestrians. Over the past year, or has it been two now? My goodness. I’ve featured Gracie Tyte (pony_nuts) YouTube channel in the Product of Culture website’s sidebar and shared a lot of her links on all my social media sites. Hey, I even shared them in the pocbooks app! (Released in November 2019) Right now the app is back in redesign mode

Gracie has caused me, I’m not alone in this, to laugh over the past two years, and caused my mind to think as well. I’ve learned points about horses I did not know; but she sure does. She is also a strong uplifting spirit when it comes to treating people with dignity. So in conclusion, I once again want to thank Gracie for the equestrian ( Pony Nuts Shop ) and experiences content creation. I want to also thank all you readers who enjoy and share this content with others! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1u3fPv8lAA

Have a successful 2020 year and beyond. We are talking about forever here!

2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair; share you happiness and smile with others today!

Regards minds.com/pocjl


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