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2000 Video Viewers can help so much!(AS-KG)

2000 Online Video Viewers can help so much,  This is part one of four.

The Internet age is here with data, voice and video for video viewers! Did you know more than 3 billion people have access to the Internet, and this number rises each year?

Online Video Viewers Receive Awesome Content

YouTube has to be one of the most popular video platforms around. It has helped teachers, hobbyist, and professionals to share their expertise through vlogging (video blog or log) and classes to help others.

FYI A Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging By Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer’s Channel:

Are you one of these grateful persons to have viewed videos for information on the following?

  • How to vlog?
  • How to cook?
  • What are the features on your Android phone?
  • How do you use Siri on the iPhone? What is an iPhone?
  • How to fix up a house?

The list is a large one. Videos like the ones above get thousands of views and thousands of subscribers for the personalities with these YouTube channels.  Many provide a service or entertainment of value and are rewarded with subscribed video viewers.

With this bit of background, we want to concentrate on the far too many to count video viewers who search for musicians and their music.  Are you ready? Then see the next heading.

Video Viewers Search for Music Videos

Questionnaires show people would rather watch a video of choice at the times they have available. If they have a certain period set aside for learning a subject through video presentation like 12 pm to 1 pm for example, then they proceed to search for that subject, and they want fast results for the allotted period.

The same goes for music. When a person is in the mood for Jazz, folk, funk, etc. for that time period, Internet music sites have become the medium of choice for a lot of people rather than air radio. They are able to search for and play the desired genre of music anytime of the day. In this case, music videos.

Musicians-2000 Viewers can do so much good for them

Like the titled subject for this informs interested readers to do some good in the world; it does not require elaborate things. Don’t get me wrong; it is understandable when you say “Hey! This is special, (e.g. event, person, projects, etc.) and I want to go all out to show my support!”

Many will appreciate your sentiments. Just remember to count the cost and make sure your “go all out” is without detrimental side effects.

To do good and show kindness doesn’t take much but goes a long way to help people, in this case musicians.

Kina Grannis a talented musician, singer, and songwriter.

Kina Grannis YouTube Channel:

Kina Grannis: The Living Room Sessions Vol. 2 is OUT NOW!:

Here at this website, there are a few mentioned as an example of personalities many music aficionados (including grandparents) appreciate their melodic singing ability.  Each has received thousands of visitors to their YouTube channel. Wouldn’t it be nice if another 2,000 decided to show their support by subscribing to their channel that has provided value to the sound waves in the air in the form of music?

Have you also heard of Patreon?

This is a great way 2,000 music video viewers can help these musicians who are worthy of their wages. Just one dollar can do so much to cover their expenses to create art and have nutritious food on the table to eat. You want to keep the vocal cords in top shape of your favorite artists. (Smile)

There is a featured talented musician and video provided below with links to this musician Patreon pages. See and hear their expressions on why they would love for you to become a patron. Did I mention all it takes is 1 dollar?  Well, their videos with brevity and clarity explain more.

Kina Grannis is creating Videos, Music, Things.

In this Internet age of billions of video viewers, imagine the good a small percentage (like 2,000) can accomplish with just a small amount of funds to help someone who can do the following:

Help to release our tears

Put a smile on your face

Place some pep in your step

Remember with fondness a time gone by

Assist in an appreciation for a nice beverage and today

Bubbles an euphoric feeling for the future

And how do they do this? By creating and singing music from their hearts.

Yes, 2,000 inclined video viewers hearts can do much to help talented musicians who through their music also help us enjoy life.

Also, here is part 2 of 2000 Video Video Viewers can help so Much!





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