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2000 Video Viewers can help so much! Part 3 (Marié Digby)

2000 Online Video Viewers can help so much; this is part three of four.

In this series so far, we have meticulously considered the following topics through writings and featured owners of YouTube channels:

  • Online Video Viewers Receive Awesome Content.
  • How 2000 Viewers can do so much good for their favorite instructional & musician content makers.

In this series, we have featured these successful entrepreneurs and musicians.

Kina Grannis a talented musician, actress, singer, and songwriter.

Amy Schmittauer is Co-Founder at Aftermarq, a video content marketing consultancy; a professional keynote and breakout speaker; and 8-year YouTube vlogger.

Facing West a dynamic sister’s band who gives performances in the West and beyond!

We continue along a similar vein of thinking by featuring the specialty of this musician, Marié Digby.

Marié Digby

With each album, Marié Digby evolves and changes with the application of the following genres:

  • Folk and alternative
  • Rock Music
  • Pop music

With Marié Digby’s songwriting knowledge, also skills with the piano and guitar, it adds to her innate ability to enjoy classical compositions.

Marié Digby’s Singing Quality

What makes her voice unique? Some describe it as warm and sweet. Such aficionados are correct, and yet as you see Marie’s different music videos, you also realize this songstress’ sophistication with singing techniques. (e.g. Intuitive songwriting, diaphragm and throat combination singing, optimal head and arm movements, aesthetics in videos.)

When social contact sharing opportunities present themselves with music lovers, I at times highlight the Product of Culture Sounds of Music playlist; in which Marie’ music is regularly featured. The reaction to Marie’s voice and composition gives people such a kindred association with words and memories; they relate thank you. Please allow me to state this briefly again; they relate, “THANK YOU” as if it is something they needed to hear; maybe even needed to feel that moment.

There are four videos placed here so you can analyze and enjoy what Marie’s voice projects in these two original songs from past EPs and 1 cover music songs.

  1. Marié Digby – Feel


2.  Ordinary World – Duran Duran cover by Marié Digby



3. Home (Ireland) Official Music Video – Marié Digby


As your ears took in the sounds of Marie’s solo and artists collaboration, what did your mind digest about Marie’s voice? How did your heart view the song choices? Whatever instruments are used in the composition, the song would not be the song without Marie’s masterful ability to just the right notes at the right timing and beat. From the different genres of music Marié performs, it gives an audience from several different cultural backgrounds to identify and connect with it.

Video Viewers who are inclined to ask how can I show support for artists?

Music is important to Marié . She has used a medium like Patreon to help support her art along with album sales.

“By supporting creators on Patreon, you’re helping to create amazing stuff that might not have existed otherwise. Patrons make the creative world go round”- Johnny Winston

By the way, Marié has a new EP album coming out soon! Do you feel it is nice to see musicians (occupation) rewarded for their singing voice and techniques for making music videos?

 Websites of Marié Digby

  1. https://www.patreon.com/mariedigby
  2. http://marie-digby.com/

Musicians & Singers

Help to release our tears

Express the fire from your Heart

Put a smile on your face

Place some pep in your step

Remember with fondness a time gone by

Assist in an appreciation for a nice beverage and today

Bubbles a euphoric feeling for the future

And how do they do this? By creating and singing music from their hearts.

2,000 inclined video viewers’ hearts can do much to help talented musicians who by sharing experiences and culture through their music also help us enjoy life. Also, here is part 1 and part 2 of 2000 Video Viewers can help so much!

Here is a video to close out the article. It is called “One Dance” a cover by Marie Digby and the crooner style of Jason Chen. Just think; One Viewer, One Supporter, and One Patron of this talented artist can do much good!

“One Dance”


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