2000 Video Viewers can help so Much! Part 2 (AS FW)

2000 Online Video Viewers can help so much; this is part two of four.

The Internet age is here with data, voice, and video for online video viewing! Did you know more than 3 billion people have access to the Internet, and this number rises each year?

Online Video Viewers Enjoy informative Content

YouTube has become the video hosting platform of choice for instructors, musicians, and professionals to share their expertise through vlogging (video blog or log) and classes to help others. You also have hobbyist who just share their videos with friends and family.

I just made that up. Will someone tweet that? – Amy Schmittauer

At one event, (Attenders: social media managers, business branding, and people listening for proven methods) after giving applicable instruction with wit,  Amy Schmittauer then expressed the addition above thought in stride (See quoted ) ; and without missing a beat continued to give her insightful presentation.

Let’s feature  instructor and public speaker Amy Schmittauer. You will enjoy this!  In an informative and humorous way, she teaches the how-to and benefits of using video. These are Amy Schmittauer top ten favorites!

 Amy Schmittauer’s Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9gMSj0UUxGvgfpNhhF3Jw

Are you one of these grateful persons to have viewed videos for information on the following?

  • How to vlog?
  • How to cook?
  • What do Koalas eat?
  • How do you use Siri on the iPhone? What is an iPhone?
  • How do I change the oil in a car?

The list is a large one. Videos like the ones above get thousands of views and thousands of subscribers for the personalities with these YouTube channels.  Many provide a service or entertainment of value and are rewarded with subscribed video viewers.

Video Viewers and Music Videos

When a person is in the mood for Jazz, folk, funk, etc. He or she is able to search Internet music sites as the medium of choice. They are able to search for and play the desired genre of music anytime of the day. In this case, music videos.

2000 Viewers can support their favorite musicians

“To do good and show kindness doesn’t take much but goes a long way to help people.”

  1. The very first thing we like to do is subscribe to the channels of musicians and YouTubers who we value their art. Wouldn’t it be nice if another 2,000 decided to show their support by subscribing to their channel?

Facing West a talented band of musicians, singers, and songwriters.

Facing West   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJ-a2IzCJ-gwlHvqvOWGhw

If you/we are inclined to do more, even one dollar helps. Notice in the next heading how?

Have you also heard of Patreon?

“By supporting creators on Patreon, you’re helping to create amazing stuff that might not have existed otherwise. Patrons make the creative world go round”- Johnny Winston

This is a great way 2,000 music video viewers can help these musicians who are worthy of their wages. Just one dollar can do so much to cover their expenses to create art and have nutritious food on the table to eat. You want to keep the vocal cords in top shape of your favorite artists. (Smile)

There is a featured talented musician and video provided below with links to this musician Patreon pages. See and hear their expressions on why they would love for you to become a patron. Did I mention all it takes is 1 dollar?  Well, their videos with brevity and clarity explain more.


Facing West Music is creating Dynamic Music videos!

In this Internet age of billions of video viewers, imagine the good a small percentage (like 2,000) can accomplish with just a small amount of funds to help someone who can do the following:

Help to release our tears

Express the fire from your Heart

Put a smile on your face

Place some pep in your step

Remember with fondness a time gone by

Assist in an appreciation for a nice beverage and today

Bubbles an euphoric feeling for the future

And how do they do this? By creating and singing music from their hearts.

Yes, 2,000 inclined video viewers’ hearts can do much to help talented musicians who by sharing experiences and culture through their music also help us enjoy life. Also, here is part 1 of  2000 Video Viewers can help so much!

Read on to part 3




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