The Harp of Pleasantries Creative Writing Section 2 Creative Writing The and Pocbooks.Crypto Manuscript Phase

“Don’t you worry Angel, I know where some of the treats are at!” Route’ kept flapping his wings.

Angel whistled whined. 

Route’ flew onto the front porch area and walked around to look Angel square in the face, “I know what you are thinking, I know what you are thinking Angel.”

Staring, Angel turned her head at an angle counter-clockwise.

“Yes, old Route’ has everything under control. I will feed you,…”

Angel whined

“I will tell you when to take a nap…”

Angel placed her head down flat on the porch and rowed on her back whistle whining.

“Yes, I will give you treats before bad time…”

Angel jumped back up to all four paws and “Bark!”

“And after that, after that,  old Route’ will tuck you in and sing you a lulla—” Before Route’ could finish his sentence, Angel jumped off the porch in one huge leap and proceeded to run down the road to find Lamont.  It was with the speed and determination of the fastest animal on the face of the planet; and quite possibly on the terrain of all the universes!

Route’ flew on top of the roof making his loud alert screech “Comeback Angel! I have not told you about carrying me around in the bird cage! Come back!”

The warm wind blew across Route’s feathers as he waited for Angel to return. After several breezes went over him, he took flight for his favorite place a mile down the road. 

Reminiscing about the start of his life is a subject matter Route’ loves to tell in-between songs to whoever will listen. Since Angel ran off, “Maybe never to return,” Route’ screeched out while flying enroute  to the outside coffee venue a mile away from his home to the tropical chambers.

There were no animals on the path this day for conversation, thus, with the wind underneath his wings flowing with him, this colorful fluttering bird reached the Tropical Inn faster than the sun that rises to mid-morning brightness.

Route’ decided to make an entrance by flying around and through the Tropical Inn no lower than the tallest person walking around the outside dinning area; plus 4 more air pockets of space for good measure. After taking in the audience, he flew around to the back of the kitchen and plopped right up on the bamboo framed window fluttering his wings with a cackle, “Route’ is here! Route’ is here!”

“And so you are,” Jack Forsite rushed over with a giant hand size cheese cracker he baked.

Placing the cracker on a blue tray besides Route’, “Here you go buddy.”

Taking his first peck at the cracker “ Thank you Jack,”

“I’m happy to see you.” Jack’s smile was one in a million to his customers and Route’.

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