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Chrissy Costanza Ceremonial

On the Show Opener review,  James of @ATCJamesK (Twitter) is happy to state the following:

“Really enjoyed #GuestHouse today with @ChrissyCostanza and @NickiTaylor on @watchvenn. Very entertaining and amazing production effort, Can’t wait for the next show!”

FYI Disclaimer: This special page is a Pocbooks Creative Expression. It is this author, writer, poet, and podcaster’s way of saying thank you to Against the Current, and Chrissy Costanza for sharing their music videos; in which I have shared them on Social Media and here at the Product of Culture website. See Articles:

A) Chrissy Costanza Shout Out Baeth-Article Podcast
What is something that great treatment given to customers produces in them? You will appreciate this “moment” because it tells of something you are most likely doing on a regular bases naturally!

B) Chrissy Costanza Article Highlights 2016 to 2019
Life Perspectives From Chrissy’s Mind; and maybe Ours

Against The Current

Music Connoisseurs,and Chrissy Costanza fans; Welcome to their music videos.

Open Letters

Here is an open letter to what fans are saying about Guest House

Against The Current Merch

Chrissy, along with her lead musicians, has been a dream for wearing and branding Against The Current merchandise. Here is a link to their store

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