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This Is For You-Ages 13 – 20 Part 2

Dear Readers,

The announcement for the new book release “THE FINAL EXAM” was made in “This Is For You-Ages 13 – 20 Part 1.

The Final Exam
The Final Exam

The FINAL EXAM, on December 7, 2012 will be available in the format read by most mobile reading devices! The paperback version of the book will be available a few days later. Stay tuned to this website.

The books section of this website will have links to store outlets for paperback and mobile devices;  e.g. Ipad, Kindle, Nook etc…

Why is this very important?

I am pleased to announce starting December 7, 2012; that the ages of 13 to 20 (teenagers, young men & women) will be able to purchase all Pocbooks’ mobile type devices books for 99¢ equivalent US currency. You heard correctly. You ask, “Even the new book, THE FINAL EXAM?” Yes, even the new book.

We will use the “Honor System” to manage coupons. Here is what I mean. When you go to the books section of this website there will be right up top an area just for you teenagers. The small form will ask you only 3 things.




Fill in the form and press the submit button.

Email is only to send you the code. Pocbooks has a strict No SPAM adherence rule.

You will receive a coupon discount code that will only work at the digital books outlet Smashwords. You will appreciate how easy it is to use the code. (Important note: New code will be generated weekly as the old one expires. Here are the normal US currency prices for THE FINAL EXAM.

  • Paperback format $7.99
  • Digital (Kindle, IPAD, and NOOK) format $3.99
  • Digital format for the ages 13 to 20 with a Smashwords coupon discount 99¢

In closing, if any of you desire to make of an opportunity to get a discount for the paperback version of the book  for a book club or class room, contact me via information@pocbooks.com or through the website here.

Young smart minds of today (13 -20) this is for you. Thank you for your humor, carefree spirit, and readership of this website! Work hard but still smell the roses, and may you have success in what truly matters.

Author James Lynch Jr.

(Presently, the books section is password protected until December 7, 2012)

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