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Turned Another Year Older–Why We Need To Keep Growing

When a teenager turns 18 they are considered adults in some lands. It is an age so many look forward to in order to make their mark on the world! By the age of 21, surely we know all there is to know about life; right?

Granted, the environment a person lives in does affect an individual. At thirteen some have seen so much, experienced so much, that they had to grow up quickly.

There is a saying,

It is not the year of the car but the mileage.

Example: You buy a brand new Maxima for the year 2013. It has zero mileage showing on the car’s odometer.

1968-StingRay Car 2012 Nissan-Maxima Car

Your neighbor has a 1968 Classic Sting Ray with 10,000 miles showing on the odometer.

In one year you drive the 2013 Maxima all over the place. All through the rain, snow storms and the hot desert you drove the vehicle. Good thing you kept up with the car maintenance. By the end of the year, 20,000 miles are placed on the car.

Your neighbor’s 1968 Sting Ray only has 10, 400 miles on it due to sitting in a garage. After all, it is a classic. The owner drives it on Sundays or to special events. No long distance driving for this car.

In one year, the Maxima needed more oil changes than the Sting Ray. Why? The Maxima is used to drive in all weather conditions. It experiences much harsher treatment than the Sting Ray sitting in a garage. Though the Maxima is newer, at the rate mentioned above, it will age a lot quicker than the Sting Ray.

So it is in life.  An individual can be young in age but experiences cause him or her to feel and be a lot older. Do you agree?

This is the start of a 4 part series that will address subjects all can continue to grow in whether we are 18 or not. You may be younger or older but does anyone know it all? Have we considered everything that will help us to grow even further?

In this “Keep Growing” series you will read about the following:

  1.  Knowing yourself
  2.  Knowledge about others
  3.  Are you really alone?
  4.  How far will you drive?

The contents of each subject will involve straightforward statements. The articles will acknowledge your outlook on culture, language, relationships, and what affects all of us.

Knowing Yourself Part 1A

Knowing Yourself Part 1B

Knowledge about others 2A

May you have success in what truly matters.

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