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The Partnering with a Legend to Bring a Creation of Excellence!

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Dear Interested Reader,

My name is James Lynch, author of the Product of Culture Trilogy Books.

I) Who are the Colesmiths?  II) Cases of Colesmith   III) The Final Exam

My background and experience includes Information Technology consulting, U.S. Army Veteran, public speaking and Biblical studies. The purpose of my letter is to inform you of this intriguing news! I am pleased to announce the collaboration with a legend in radio broadcasting, Mr. Lee Alan.


Mr. Lee Alan’s narration and production of “Product of Culture-Who are the Colesmiths?” makes for an exciting read! Listen as his over 35 years in the broadcasting entertainment industry brings the emotions, drama, and action directly to your ears. Your mind and heart will be stirred by his superlative reading of “Who Are the Colesmiths?” You will find if “seeing is believing,” then hearing will help you to feel and understand.

Listen for yourself to the 4 minute Audio sample of Who are the Colesmiths?

Who Are the Colesmiths?-Audiobook Sample

AudioBook- Who Are The Colesmiths
AudioBook- Who Are The Colesmiths

During this offer, all new Audible.com sign-ups will receive a special offer to receive this marvelous book for free!

Website link: Who Are The Colesmiths?

As partners in this collaboration, Mr. Lee Alan and I invite parents, educators, and everyone globally to hear and read “Who are the Colesmiths?” K-12 schools will find the books are appropriately written for all ages. Even life’s most serious subjects are written in good taste; you will not be disappointed. We appreciate your valuable attention. Additional background and book reviews are provided below.

Kindest regards,

James Lynch & Lee Alan


Mr. Lee Alan’s achievements

Voice Actor – Television-Radio-Film Producer/Writer Lee Alan Creative

Lee Alan is a nationally known Voice Artist and producer of television, film, radio, creative concepts, music, and commercials. He is a recognized expert in the field of media and agency sales and Marketing.

His voice is recognizable in every corner of USA.

Lee’s career in Broadcasting is legend. His ratings on radio frequently exceeded 50 percent of the audience, an unheard of share today.

Among others Lee was on the air at stations WGH Norfolk, VA, WCPO Cincinnati, Ohio, and WJLB, WJBK, WKNR, WJR, WHFI, CKLW, WPON, and WXYZ all Detroit.

He also has television shows on WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit and ABC TV

Lee was licensed by the Michigan State Board of Education to open a Broadcast Institute, later sold it to Specs Howard.  He has produced programs for CBS, ABC, NBC, Cable, syndication. Hundreds of Television, film and creative approaches.

As a motivational speaker he has visited 38 states and 4 foreign countries speaking to varied groups on subjects of entertainment, broadcast programming, advertising and marketing.

His career to date is chronicled in the books: “WIXIE Wonderland” by Dick Osgood, University of Wisconsin Press and “Rockin’ Down The Dial” by David Carson, Momentum books, and recently “From Soupy To Nuts” by Tim Kiska.

Lee has now published his autobiography entitled: “Turn Your Radio On – Live From Motown”

He has been a featured speaker for National Automobile Dealers Association 20 Groups, and their national NADA convention as a marketing instructor to thousands of dealers. Lee has also been a speaker at Northwood Institute on the subject of Auto Dealer Marketing and Advertising.

Lee was a Peabody nominee for his production of “The Americans – 4th of July” on over 700 stations.

Lee is a published author of his autobiography: “Turn Your Radio On – Live From Motown”

Book Description

Peer into the lives of Mark and Markus. These two members, and more, are of the Colesmith family heritage. How do they respond to the stimuli of the world around them? Why do they respond in such ways? What seeds have been planted and cultivated in them, along with their associates? Some will find the book, “Who are the Colesmiths?” and the book series as a whole to be a puzzle of sorts; anticipating what fits where and why. While others will sit back and reflect on the meaning of the glances, expressions, and the times of the day. Then some will just go along for the ride. Do you desire to make the connectives in this series? Do you enjoy taking intellectual journeys? Do you enjoy challenges? You are invited to turn the pages of this book and enter the world of the Colesmiths.

Book review sources provided by Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars A book for all ages. By m3scan

Overall a very interesting and enjoyable book. It really hit home so to speak. A story about a small family that is dealing with very hard times, and learning their different lessons in life as each person continues to grow. Tragic, embracing, and overall and intriguing story. It is a MUST read, and when you do read it I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and my family did.

5.0 out of 5 stars Any Family. By RoyalCoCo

The beginning of a story that could be any family, even my own. This book will show you how we are all molded by our experiences and the lessons we learn along the way. A real page turner with many twists that held my attention from the first page. Once you get into the meat of the characters you won’t put it down until you reach the end, only wishing there were a few more chapters to follow. Can’t wait for the second installment!

5.0 out of 5 stars Can You Connect the Dots? By Movie Source

This book reminded me, in a way, of an old puzzle book I had. My favorite part of the book was connecting the dots. At first, many random dots appeared on the page and seemed to have little significance. However, as each dot connected to the next, a picture began to emerge. What once seemed to be meaningless dots formed a meaningful picture. In much this same way, this story has many bits and pieces throughout it that may seem rather meaningless, yet at the end, when they are connected, a meaningful “picture” begins to emerge. Yet, all of this is done in a very manageable 123 page book. This book will engage your brain, and continue to challenge you to make the connections. It ends in such a way that many things are explained, and yet a whole host of other questions emerge, to be answered in later entries. I eagerly await the next installment in the Product of Culture series.

Just who are the colesmiths? By Jaybodean

This review is from: Product of Culture: “Who are the Colesmiths?” (Paperback)

I think it’s a great book, it is written in such a way to make you feel that you are part of their lives, the expressions the emotions, the feelings you get when you experience certain things in your own life, often wonder if the people are real. I would really like to know if the Colesmiths are a real family or not. Look forward to getting the rest of the story. For those that enjoy reading, I would certainly encourage you to read this story.

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