Apr 12

Lessons Learned By Makayla -Year 13

Lessons Learned Title By Makayla Year 13

Lessons Learned Poem page 1 by Makayla

Lessons Learned By Makayla -Year 13

I have a pride in my scars, not because they show I’m strong but because they helped me to see I was wrong. They taught me a lesson each one their own. They show of a battle I lost and stood alone. 

The scar on my heart shows of a time I believed in him too quickly.

The scar on my hand shows of a time I gave too freely.

The scar on my lip showed of a time my words were like venom.

Lessons learned Poem Page 2 By MakaylaThe scar on my leg shows of a time I ran too far and too fast.

The scar on my cheek shows of a time I didn’t walk away.

The scar on my back shows of a time I turned too trusting.

Even after all of that I promise I’ll become myself with time.

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  1. Ghost of Noor

    I am always amazed by Makayla. Her poetry is truly beyond her years This is easily one of my favorite poems from her.

    1. James Lynch Jr.

      Makayla does exceptionally well in this area of her literary
      works. Thank you for noticing and commenting on her poem. The emotional depth it takes to create a poem like this affects us in different ways. There is a
      poet somewhere in all of us. Kind Regards