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Knowing Yourself-Keep Growing Part 1B

This is Part B Knowing yourself in the Keep Growing series. An introduction to this series of posts starts here in Turned Another Year Older–Why We Need To Keep Growing.

Hello Readers,

We covered important Reasons Why you need to know who you are in Part 1A of this series.

By the end of the article you were left with seven questions to contemplate.

What Are Your Honest Answers To These Questions?

1. How do you feel about yourself?

2. What do you think about nature?

3. When someone has something you desire how do you feel about it?

4. How do you view life?

5. What is your view on reading?

6. How do you view conflict and peace?

7. Does it matter whether there is an all-powerful God or not?

By answering these questions in your mind, you will have already proven something to yourself. There is a desire to know your standing right now. And guess what else? You are not afraid to know the inner person of your heart. How do you feel after honestly answering these questions?

Shall we walk through each one together?

1) How do you feel about yourself? From the previous article, you may have established that you are a “good” person. There are even ones with low self-esteem who can still recognize their own efforts to be good. However, your surrounding environment (culture) has a strong influence on how you view life; inasmuch, as you view yourself.

“Make a Mental Note: Association does matter.”

Are you surrounded by uplifting and positive people or less-positive ones? You know, the very ones that put your positive efforts to a test and sabotage. Well, tender hearted ones, this subject will bFemale Woman and Teen Girl working together-by Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Servicee addressed more in the Knowledge about others article. At this point, keep in mind the importance of having or developing a modest amount of self-esteem. It is/will be necessary to keep doing what is “good.”

Self-Esteem: A feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities. [Merriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary]

2) What do you think about nature? Nature (Creation) in the earth provides everything you need to survive and be moved to marvel at the same time! Fruits, vegetables, clean air, and how about the wonderful animals! Do you have a domesticated pet? A dog or cat? There are more than a few people who have horses as pets. On the next calm night in your area, take some time to think about all of the earth’s resources you use. Smile in appreciation as you admire this perfect home made for you. In a manner of personal perception, the oceans of the world hold a universe within itself. Speaking of the universe, compared to the uncountable galaxies, the earth is smaller than the smallest pebble. If you were put in charge of this whole planet, what would you do to take care of it? Just ask a farmer about his or her experience in being caretakers of creation. From the animals to the land.

Scenic view of the lagoon landscapeMerriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary states: “Creation: the act of making or producing something that did not exist before: the act of creating something.”

Reasoning From the Scriptures  [Publishers jw.org] shares “Creation, as explained in the Bible, means that Almighty God designed and brought into existence the universe, including other spirit persons and all the basic kinds of life upon the earth.”

Now this wasn’t bad at all for us to read and think about questions 1 and 2. Be sure to come back soon as we discuss together questions 3 and 4 in the Keep Growing series next article,  Knowledge about others.

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