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Knowing Yourself-Keep Growing Part 1A

This is Part 1A Knowing yourself in the Keep Growing series. An introduction to this series of posts starts here in “Turned Another Year Older–Why We Need To Keep Growing.”

What is your name?

Who are you?

Without hesitation the answer to the first question is given without thinking.

“Who are you?” The answer to the second question can prompt meditation, a process of spending time in quiet thought.

Reasons Why

When giving thoughtful attention to personality, how do you view yourself? Do you view yourself as kind, helpful, and considerate of others? Yes, there are valid reasons for you to recognize the nice things you do for others. To sum it up you may say, “I am a good person, or try hard to be.” This is a common perception of oneself.

People have perceptions too. And sometimes it does not match with the way you (we) perceive ourselves. This is a fact of life. Different views from others will include positive and negative analyses about you (me) as a person.

It is important to share that since mankind is functioning in an imperfect state right now we are prone to make mistakes. Some opinions are based on misunderstandings, upbringing, and momentary heated emotions. What does this show you? Opinions of one another can be flawed too.

With this knowledge does it stand to reason reality shows you (us) there are improvements we are constantly working on? All the same, you desire to be able to sift through all the feedback and plan out what needs to be worked on first. Girl Doing Makeup

If you are aware of the good as well as the unflattering personality traits, then you will be able to see the whole picture; not just one side of your face in a mirror. What if you just washed one side of your face in the mirror every day how would your face look after a day or so? For the ladies, what about putting makeup on one side of your face?

See, if we look in the mirror ourselves and apply what is needed, then it would not be necessary to have someone telling us  all the time a whole side of our face needs to be washed or made up. If someone does make such a statement, you will be able to quickly ascertain if such a statement needs further attention or not. You may find out you just need to touch up a spot.

Questions For Meditation

1. How do you feel about yourself?

2. What do you think about nature?

3. When someone has something you desire how do you feel about it?

Tray With Toiletries4. How do you view life?

5. What is your view on reading?

6. How do you view conflict and peace?

7. Does it matter whether there is an all-powerful God or not?

The meaning of how you feel about these questions will be in Part 1B Knowing yourself in the Keep Growing series.

“Girl Doing Makeup” Courtesy artemisphot freedigitalphotos.net
“Tray With Toiletries” Courtesy  zirconicusso