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Eli Gives a Great Explanation on The Benefits of Solid State Drives

One of the jobs of a Network Administrator is to keep up with the latest, greatest and the newest technology. Just because something is new does not necessarily mean it will create a return on investment or ROI. The Network Administrator peruses (To read carefully) through pages of information with the purpose of finding out these 3 things.

1)      What are the benefits this technology will bring to the company?

2)       Is it needed at this time or for projected growth in the next 2 to 5 years?

3)      What are the costs?

Network Administrators gather their information through magazines, conferences, schools, and training videos. Information Technology Specialist are very busy with keeping things operational!!! Their brains are constantly asking the question how I can make things better in a cost-effective way? With so much to look through today where can a person keep up with real life enterprise business experience? In walks “Eli the Computer Guy”

Have you been planning to research Solid State Drives (SDD) for your home or organization but it is in the middle stack of your to-do list reading which is comprised of 100 items? “I wish it was only 100 items,” You say.   Well, the Introduction to Solid State Drives video will allow you to place a check mark as completed.

Eli The Computer Guy Introduction to Solid State Drives

This article is written as a helpful service for students, teachers, and Information Technology interested readers of this website. Okay, it is for everyone. Eli The Computer Guy did not solicit this article to be written or posted by the writers of this website. Eli’s helpful videos will help you with the know how and whys in the I.T. culture.


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