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Beautiful Day For A Memorial

Ahh, what a beautiful day! BeautifulDay
The birds and the squirrels are at play.

‘Good News’ makes the heart jump with good cheer.
No more pain, no more grief, and no more fear.
Knowing that someone you love is near.

To understand the priceless sacrifice.
We need valid teachers to give us advice.

Faithful and Discreet these ones are brothers and lovers of all that is good.
Who could produce better teachers, tell us if you would?

What a wonderful time it will be when universally all will completely understand.
Understand what?
That the book of redemption has always been within the grasp of our hands.

Such a wonderful time to think, reflect and show appreciation.
The Majestic Author Jehovah deserves praise from ALL creation!

By attending and observing a meal that is quite pictorial.

Yes, what a beautiful day for Christ’s Memorial.

FYI: Memorial of Christ’s death observed on Nissan 14 after sundown. This year it is on a Tuesday.
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