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May 04

7 Important Networking Tips for Startup Founders

Are you ready to take your startups networking to the next level? Networking is essential when you have started up your own startup company or small business, and while networking can be a fun it can be equally terrifying. You’ll be meeting people that… Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner

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Nov 13

Website Subscription News – There is One for You

Hello Readers, Welcome to the change of layout to the website. There are additional under the hood changes that will be shared with you here. 1) There is now only one e-mail subscription list. The older ones have been migrated to one location that is regularly backed up. See registration widget in sidebar. If you …

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The Final Exam Audiobook-Listen Here

The Audiobook can be purchased at sever outlets including Amazon and Audible.com

Is life all about status and money? Are you a fighter? Where do bullies come from? Inasmuch, how do you interact with bullies? Has time shown you there is something very special to pursue? Is there a higher purpose calling out to you but you don’t know what it is? In your private thoughts you could you be resisting the pleas of a gentle Spirit? Yes, drawing you closer when you cry out in solitude. What people do you claim to be your ancestors? What is the land of your birth? Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, or South America; your background does not matter! After reading the third and final part of this saga, you will not be the same person that started this trilogy!

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Apr 04

Song and Story Illustrated

Do you appreciate how song and story can sum up feats in life? The numbered items have an explanation carried out in an intriguing way. If you “pause” long enough, you may think of something you never thought of before until this point in your life. Kindest regards 1   2 Pocbooks YouTube Channel and …

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Mar 04

Beautiful Day For A Memorial

Beautiful Day

Ahh, what a beautiful day! The birds and the squirrels are at play. ‘Good News’ makes the heart jump with good cheer. No more pain, no more grief, and no more fear. Knowing that someone you love is near. To understand the priceless sacrifice. We need valid teachers to give us advice. Faithful and Discreet …

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