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Discursive Essay – Are Celebrities Good Role Models?

Here is a well thought out and expressed essay by Megan C. on Celebrities as role models. Some of her peers gave her kudos for this essay. You will have to read it all the way to the end. Thank you Megan C. for sharing your splendid essay here at the Product of Culture Website! -J.L.  Young Minds and Students of Today features: Discursive Essay - Are celebrities good role models? Glamorous. Exc...
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Will you Accept a Downloadable Gift on Answers for Life?

Do you feel when people have serious questions, you deserve factual answers? Accurate answers are right at your fingertips by free downloads through computer, kindle, or smart phone! See the video below Why Study the Bible? “The Bible is providing answers to life’s big questions for millions of people around the world. Would you like to be one of them?”   Freely download the ...
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Website Subscription News – There is One for You

Hello Readers, Welcome to the change of layout to the website. There are additional under the hood changes that will be shared with you here. 1) There is now only one e-mail subscription list. The older ones have been migrated to one location that is regularly backed up. See registration widget in sidebar. If you received a new account and password, please log into the website to updat...
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The Final Exam Audiobook-Listen Here

The Audiobook can be purchased at sever outlets including Amazon and Audible.com   Is life all about status and money? Are you a fighter? Where do bullies come from? Inasmuch, how do you interact with bullies? Has time shown you there is something very special to pursue? Is there a higher purpose calling out to you but you don’t know what it is? In your private thoughts you could yo...
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