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This Is For You Ages 13 – 20 Part 1 Announcement.

Dear Readers,

It is nice having each of you here at this website. This first announcement is for all ages and backgrounds. It is my pleasure to make the following announcement to you!

First, “Who Are The Colesmiths?” BOOK I arrived on the world scene!

Book II continues this “intellectual drama” in “Cases of Colesmith!”

Book III is now here as it completes the Product of Culture saga!

The Final Exam”

The Final Exam-Stacked
The Final Exam-Front Cover

After reading the third and final part of this trilogy saga, you will not be the same person that started the trilogy.

If you say, “I want to face the world. I can handle what life throws at me.”

Come face it in The Final Exam.

If you say, “I like a book that will take me on a journey.”

In a unique way, travel back and forth through time in The Final Exam.

If you say, “I want to be in the mind of the protagonist and antagonist.”

Do you really? Then come and experience the minds of individuals whose thoughts alone can command armies. A word from a powerful mind can enslave or set people free.

“The Final Exam”

See Part II of this announcement; This Is For You (Ages 13 – 20)

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