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What Actor Terrence Howard’s Objective Moment Shows Us

Do you appreciate when a person decides they are going to get to know you for themselves?

Yes, you do. Still, there is something you appreciate even more. It is when a person can keep their fair-mindedness about you all throughout the process.
Being objective is a must when a person hears about a noble subject that has been misunderstood and even maligned.

Case in point, God’s Word The Holy Bible whose Author is Jehovah God.
If you feel it is difficult to get accurate information about this subject and this scripture:
‘(Isaiah 43:10) “YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah,…’

Then as an important bit of information the exact location will be provided to answer all your questions.
Terrence Howard is an actor and singer that was motivated for a variety of reasons to look at Jehovah’s Witnesses in an objective way. At one point in an interview, he tells of a situation teenagers face today in many lands around the world. He was impressed to say the least how this one teenager dealt with peer pressure.

Another item of distinction in this interview, is how Mr. Terrence Howard could honestly look at himself and explain why this path would be difficult for him. He did not try to distort facts about the subject; instead, he focused on being honest with himself.
11 minutes 49 seconds Interview Here

Are you the type of person who strives to be honest with oneself?

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