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3 Top-Notch Components to Make Your Thesis or any Paper a Reality

You have good reasons to look into the software mentioned here for school papers, reports, blogs, and the list goes on and on. From the diary writer to the meticulous journalist, these 3 software items will help you to brainstorm, research, recall, and complete writing projects.

I) RedNotebook Cost: Free



II) Evernote Cost: Free or premium version


III) Scrivener Cost: Trial version available. Price range $35 to $45 USD currency


Shall we give reasons why you would choose each one?

A) Has anyone ever stated: “Your mind is like a steel trap.”

Whenever you heard a quote or read a manual of some sort you could easily recall it to benefit yourself and others. It did not matter that years have gone by. Even elephants would forget, but not you. Today the super memory may be in overload mode just by remembering a small to-do list. Here comes RedNotebook to help out in this area.

People, who write, write often. RedNotebook is good for work, journaling, and making plans. By briefly writing about each day’s activities a log will be formed for these ideas and readily accessible for future review. You will not have to seek out an elephant to find whom, what, and when? Just use one of its search features to recall the information. This video gives more insight into the software.

Video-RedNotebook Overview


B) Do you need research from the Internet to help you with a thesis?

The Evernote program with the clipper functionality will help you to easily save your research for the project. Keep your facts together that you have found on the elephant. The clipper functionality can save the whole article in pristine condition so you can read it offline. So don’t worry if you are traveling to the zoo in order to see your favorite animal the elephant and you have no internet services. All your research is just a computer or smartphone away because of the syncing features.


Video-Evernote Overview


C) When writing a thesis, blog or book how organize do you want to be?

Scrivener hands down is a tremendous help for these projects. Scrivener seamlessly moves you along the writing journey each day to your destination, which is to compile everything and get results. Scrivener provides a section for research. The research area holds various forms of media types. This program even provides templates for novels, scriptwriting, etc… It is difficult (which is a good thing) to name all the helpful ways Scrivener can be used. It can take 2 or more hours to become familiar with all the features. There is a tutorial provided with the software. The developers intimate that you may not use every single feature. Many have found this to be true. Still, it is good to have those features there as you take on other projects that may need them!


Video -Scrivener Basics- Windows Version


When you use RedNotebook, Evernote, and Scrivener; you may feel that one of these programs is satisfactory for you. This is nice to know. Why? Due to the reason that if you have accomplished writing projects using one of these programs, just imagine the quality of your papers by having all three! Fine tuning your craft can be accomplished simply by taking each specialized component to form your literary masterpiece.

From brainstorming past and future ideas, to the final drafts; RedNotebook, Evernote, and Scrivener are topnotch programs to bring your thoughts to hard print and fruition.

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