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School Lunch-Nutritious?

School Lunch-Nutritious?

It is early in the morning and the alarm clock goes off. Already the average person probably has at least 10-20 assignments on their to-do list if not more-even school-aged children. Sadly, eating a healthy meal may not be one of them. Which is easier? A toaster pastry or eggs and ham? Thankfully many schools offer healthy breakfast and lunches...or do they? Let us discuss what choices a child or teenager has to choose from at school including what is available and what kids are most likely to choose. Then we can talk about how students can keep a healthy diet through their school years. At the first lunch bell something is different. The ...

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2 New Poems
30 Jan

2 New Poems

1) "Because He Knows" 2) "Be Free little one, Be Happy" Times of poem postings will be announc...
27 Jan


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Fine Tuning Clear Communication(s)-1 Introduction
23 Jan

Fine Tuning Clear Communication(s)-1 Introduction

"Fine Tuning Clear Communications" - 1-Introduction Will Be Posted 11 am PST   This serie...

Fine Tuning Clear Communications

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